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4th Grade
September, 1998

Welcome to 4th grade!  We are looking forward to having a great year.  Parents, please check your child's assignment sheet.  It is our communication with you so that you will know what we are doing in school every day.  We would like to extend a warm welcome to Ms. James, our intern.  Whe will be with us until November.

May, 1998  

Fourth grade students and teachers had a wonderful and restful spring break.  We are all looking forward to the rest of the school year.  We have a field trip planned to go to  the Vigo Importing Company.  We will learn and see how their products are packaged and shipped to stores all over.  We will also learn where many of these products are imported from.  Many different countries are involved in this process.  

April, 1998  

Fourth grade is having a contest to name its forthcoming literary newspaper.  We are sure to come up with some great ideas.  Each month we will publish a story from each of our 4th grade classes.  Officer Crowley came to speak to our fourth graders about drugs and alcohol.  His presentation was very informative.