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2nd Grade
September, 1998

All second graders are learning the rules and procedures to follow when at school.  We sure do have a great group of boys and girls!

May, 1998 

The children are enjoying picking books for Read-Aloud.  Many of them are expressing a desire to read to the whole class and we are encouraging them to do so  Reading aloud to parents is an activity that children love.  Try it! 

April, 1998 

Second graders have been working hard on their benchmark progress.  A good number of students have successfully met their writing benchmark through passing their writing test.  The final 9 weeks holds more testing in store, so please continue to read to and write with your child at home.  Also allow them to handle/exchange money where appropriate and help with any measuring activities (ie, during recipe making).  Even a few minutes of help at home benefits your child immensely.