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3rd Grade
September, 1998

Third grade is off to a great start!  To help your children be their best, read with them at home every night.  You can also check to see if they are doing their homework (Monday through Thursday).  And finally, start practicing those multiplication tables.

May, 1998 

Wow!  Only a short time left and still much more to do.  Parents, your students were super during testing.  Thanks for your help!  Please help your students with writing.  Have your child write a story for you.  Please keep working with multiplication and division too! 

April, 1998 

Parents, it is vital that you make sure your student is doing homework.  All of our students need to work on their multiplication and division facts.  Ms Crippen and Ms Starks would like to thank all the parents that came through on our "Green Food" party!