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Vive LeTour!
It's time once again for the world's greatest yearly sporting event.  Glad you could drop in to celebrate with us!  I've been following Le Grand Boucle for many years now, but having access to the Internet has given even Americans unprecedented access to the event, and I thought I'd make up this archive and add to it as we progress towards Le Champs Elysees. 

Let me point out right off the bat that this is a fan page and that none of this info is original, but a gathering of source materials in a single place.  And because it's not mobbed with millions of crazed cycling fanatics trying to get the latest info, it should be a lot faster than the official site.  That said, let me stress that the official site is marvelous and I really recommend that you avail yourself of the incredible wealth of information that it houses.  But for a quick and easy look at the tour as it wends its way through the French countryside, I hope that this will be adequate. 

Keep Spinning! 


I encourage you to visit the Official Sites!

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