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OK, let's get down to the real nitty gritty.  If you really wanted to you could build the website yourself.  There are certainly enough tools out there to help you along.  But in a way it's like plumbing.  If I wanted to set up a sprinkler system for my yard, I might well try that myself - the end result simply isn't very critical.  But if my toilet breaks, I'm calling a plumber because a guy who does plumbing every day is going to do it right the first time and not spend a bunch of time trying to figure out how to approach the job.  He's seen it all before and knows how to do a professional job immediately.  In the world of Website Design, that's the kind of experience I have and that's what you're paying for.

All of these sites come with 6 months service included.  If you want to change it every day of those six months, that's ok.  After all, the whole point of hiring a Website Designer is to take advantage of his expertise.  So call and ask for changes as often as you like!

You need to save money, and I need to make money, so here's the bottom line:

Basic Website - $150
If you want to establish a web presence but aren't really sure how you want to approach it this is probably your best bet.  For this you get a single page with three images plus your logo.  These pages are excellent for posting basic information about your business such as your specialties, your service area map, address and phone number, etc.  The page can be as large as you like with as many links as you like, but you only get one of them.

Premium Website - $500
This is the standard business website.  You get up to 5 linked pages and 3 images plus your logo.  These sites are great for highlighting different aspects of your businesses and showing yourself to your best advantage.

Deluxe Website - $1200
If you want something flashy, with moving images, multiple nested pages, things that blink and change when you drag a mouse over them, music and other sounds pouring out of the computer's speaker system, this is the one for you.  This is just the thing to impress your potential customers and your associates.  If this is your choice, you get up to 20 pages and 10 images plus your logo.  Please bear in mind that you are essentially commissioning a work of art, so don't expect a next-day turnaround time.  But because a flashy site that changes constantly encourages repeat visits as well as word-of-mouth advertising, the results will be well worth the hassle and expense.

E-Commerce Website
Although I have the tools to create these, I don't do them because they really require the support of a full time person.  If you want to make me an offer I'll certainly listen to it, but my kids are of an age that I'm not really looking to take on this type of work just now.  Just for informational purposes, you should be looking at about $10,000 for the server hardware to handle secure credit card transactions plus an investment in database software and programming expertise.  If you'd like to try selling over the web without the investment, I'd recommend trying one of the auction sites such as eBay.  If you are one of my regular clients I'd be happy to whip up an auction page template for you at no additional charge.

Additional Images - $50
Some folks tell me, "Only three images?  That's not very many."  Well, yes and no.  Notice how there's only one image in this entire site.  In this context an image is a picture created specifically for your website and these are some of the most difficult things to get right.  But your logo is always included and images that are ready made (such as manufacturer's logos to attach to links from your site) don't cost you anything.  What you're paying for is digital image manipulation of photographs.  If you like, I'll come out and take the pictures myself, or I can scan photographs you send me in the mail.  *But* if you have a digital camera or a scanner and can send me digital images ready to go onto the website, then that is FREE.