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Our little branch of the Clan Campbell Tree

We went to the 32nd Annual Highland Games in Dunedin, Florida on the first weekend of April 1998 and it awakened a burst of clan pride, so here we are with a bit of history - some personal and mostly historical.  Here's the personal:

I was born Paul Douglas Campbell on 2/2/58, the first child of Charles Patrick Campbell (5/6/29 - ) and Dorothy Verone Campbell (9/9/30 - ).  They had two other children, David Charles Campbell (12/12/62 - ) and Peter Verone Campbell (4/26/66 - ).  I married Melinda Jain Rodgers (Campbell) on 1/17/81 and we've  had two children, Aleister David Campbell (10/20/84 - ) and Trevor John Campbell (8/7/92 - ).

My father grew up in New Castle, Delaware and I grew up in nearby Wilmington, but shortly after the wedding Melinda and I moved to the Tampa, Florida area where we bought property and settled in.  Our place is along Branchton Church Road which is often abbreviated by computers to read Branchtonchur, so we grin and call our kids the little Lairds of Branchtonchur but just between ourselves.

Of course there's a LOT more family history - dad had an older brother John William Campbell (1926-1991)who moved to Columbus, Ohio and their father was William Anthony Campbell (b. 9/3/1896), a barber in New Castle.  William Anthony had two brothers and a sister: John Francis Campbell (b. 1880), James Campbell (b. 1890) and Mary Stuart Campbell (b. 1891).  Their father was John Francis Campbell.  I don't have a birthdate on him, but he died in 1903.

I'm going to limit the stuff I type here to the facts I can verify, so I'll be adding more.  If you want to see pictures of us and other things we're doing with our lives, you can go to my homepage.  There's a link in the bottom frame for it.  I'll add more info after I confirm it.  In the meantime please enjoy the other things I've loaded up here.  The background is the Campbell Tartan, though each subset of the clan has a variation on it which is displayed as background to their historical pages.  I like the tunes, but if they get get too annoying, you can use the control at the bottom of the lower frame to shut it off...  And if you have any comments, suggestions, or fresh links, please feel free to e-mail me (there's a link for that at the bottom too!)

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