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I know it's hard to believe, but not everyone runs Windows95.  My personal favorite is IBM's OS/2.  It's a wonderful operating system, and here are some links to help get you over the learning curve.
"Must-Have" Utilities Framed!
Adobe Acrobat Free Reader
alphaWorks | Home
Bamba Audio/Video Streaming
Creative Labs FTP Index
Diamond Multimedia: Stealth 3D 2000 Drivers
Home of the Hello World Device Driver
IBM NewsTicker - OS/2
IBM's Software Choice
Indelible Blue, Inc. - Your Single Source for OS/2 Warp and OS/2 applications
Jumbo! - Internet: OS/2
NetChat Support Page
ONG SoftWare - HomePage
Performance PLUS V4 - A Tuning and Utility Kit for OS/2
PPPDIAL - REXX PPP Internet Access
PSP Service FIXPAK Database
PSP Service FIXPAK Database
PSP Service FIXPAK Database
S3 FTP Index of 375drv
Service & Support Directory / Alphabetical
SouthSoft, Inc.
Stardock Systems!
TagIt/2 Support Page
The OS/2 Mistress BBS OS/2 FTP Links
The OS/2 WWW Homepage

Daggerfall Links - my favorite RPG ever!
Star Trek Links - more info than anyone should ever be exposed to
Reference Links - for data junkies like myself
Media Links - electronic and print media which have tickled my fancy
Weather Links - one of those things the Web is particularly good at
Satellite TV Links - An alternative to the usual dreck on networks and cable services
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