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30 years ago my parents bought me a Tasco 50mm refractor, but I never really pursued it as an adult until now.  And so, with the enthusiasm generally displayed by newbies, here's a list of links that I've enjoyed.

Official Pages

AAVSO - American Association Of Variable Star Observers
Abram's Planetarium Skywatcher's Diary
The American Meteor Society
ESO Online Digitized Sky Survey
Hawaiian Astronomical Society
Islamic Astronomy and the Crescent Moon
National Space Science Data Center
NASA Observatorium
The Sidewalk Astronomers, San Francisco
SKY Online
The Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Smoky Mountain Astronomical Society
StarTimes Astronomy and Space Headlines
The Stellafane Home Page
The Tallahassee Astronomical Society
Timisoara (Romania) Astronomical Observatory


Amateur Telescope Maker's Resource List
Amateur Telescope Making
Meade Main Index - Meade Instruments Corporation

Sales Sites

American Science & Surplus
Anacortes Telescope and Wild Bird
Company Seven
Crazy Ed Optical
Eagle Optics
EfstonScience - Catalogue Order Page
Island Eyepiece
Jim Kendrick Studio - Dew Solutions
MorningStar Telescope Works
Oceanside Photo and Telescope
Orion Telescopes and Binoculars
Photon Instrument
SkyMap Software
Star Ware
Starlight Xpress CCD camera home page
StarMaster Portable Telescopes, Home Page
University Optics

Amateur Websites

Astro Imaging by Russ Dickman
AstroCruise - Astrophotography by Philip Perkins
Astronomy Central
The Astronomy Connection - Recommendations for Beginners
CosmoBrain's Astronomy Links
Don Holcombe's Astronomy Page
Heretic's Telescope Guide
How to Build a Dobsonian Telescope
JeffPo's Astronomy Page
Joe's Astro-photo page // more pictures
Joe Heafner's Tons O' Astronomy Links
Kevin's Astro-Nuts Homepage
Mike Boschat's Complete Astronomy Links
Ray Cash's Deep-Sky Page
Ricardo Nunes's Astro Gallery
Robert Spellman's Transient Lunar Phenomena
The Dr. Richard Feynman Observatory
Todd Gross' Weather/Astronomy Page
Welcome to Martin's Astrophotography


3D Starmaps
Appleply - the best Dob plywood available
Bradford -Robotic -Telescope
Comet Hale-Bopp
Comet Hale-Bopp Websites
Java Jupiter
QuiblaCalc - quickly finds magnetic declination for any point on earth
The Simtel.Net MS-DOS Collection, simtelnet/msdos/astronmy/
SkyView Virtual Observatory
Stargazing Network
Nedstat Counter 

Daggerfall Links - my favorite RPG ever!
Star Trek Links - more info than anyone should ever be exposed to
Reference Links - for data junkies like myself
Media Links - electronic and print media which have tickled my fancy
Weather Links - one of those things the Web is particularly good at
Satellite TV Links - An alternative to the usual dreck on networks and cable services
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